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How to submit your new url blog to google index new 2019

How to submit your new url blog to google index new 2019

Every blogger want to their new domain and post article
View on google search engine
Google have a new search console to crawl and index your new blog to their console
First step is
1.Open this url on browser
Google Search Console

2.Tap Start(mulai sekarang in indonesia)
If you have been logging using your google account when you create a blog,Search Console will automatically recognize and login using your google account

3.After that you must,if in your google account you are first time submit blog,search console will give you,form to fill your url blog
,give it your homepage blog first,not your post article url blog

4.After that google will recognize that you the blog is your's

5.After that,you will going to search console page
Please crawl your submit url on url inspection menu there is on left above,then you must insert your homepage url again
Then tap search
Google will start identification your url

6.After that look at …